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Whether you're looking to own or lease all or part of a horse Aquanita can meet your requirements.

Through our trainers we are major buyers at the annual Australian and New Zealand yearling sales and either "buy to order" or "buy to on-sell". We inspect well in excess of 5,000 horses each year and are therefore well placed to fit any size budget of class of horse that an owner may be looking for.

We adopt a team approach to selecting yearlings utilising the many years of experience our trainers, veterinary surgeons and bloodstock experts have gained. The process is as exhaustive as it is inclusive and involves:

•  A comprehensive review and audit of the pedigree of each horse catalogued for sale this desktop audit provides an indicative list of likely targets

•  Visiting selected breeding properties to view their yearlings and gain a first hand knowledge and initial view of the horse in its natural environment and the price expectations of the seller

•  Arriving at the sales well in advance so that every horse can be inspected and a short-list drafted

•  Having our veterinary surgeon thoroughly examine the physical condition and soundness of short-listed horses

•  Those that pass this inspection then have our veterinarian surgeon examine their X Ray images where provided and/or arrange for them to be undertaken to further confirm that the horse is likely to withstand the rigours of racing

•  Yearlings that still remain after this stage are ranked and our bloodstock expert assists in placing an indicative price each horse may sell for

•  Each Aquanita trainer then reviews their order book to identify which horses remaining on our short list satisfy the "order criteria" set by an owner prior to attending the sale. If no order fits the horse but we still like it we will invariably chose to bid on it and find owners later

•  The trainer then bids for the horse or instructs an agent to do so

Our trainer always makes the final decision on whether he will buy a horse or not and to what price he will bid to. We do charge a small set fee for horses "bought to order" which is designed to offset the time and effort undertaken by support staff we take to the sale such as the veterinary surgeon and bloodstock agent.

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