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"What greater thrill than to see your horse greet the judge leaving the field floundering in its wake."
Banjo Paterson

These words from the great Banjo Patterson serve as a constant reminder of why Aquanita Racing is in business. To provide our owners with the opportunity to enjoy the incredible excitement of participating in what we believe is the greatest sport of all.

Aquanita is unique in terms of racing in this country because we offer our owners something that no other training establishment does. Choice!

You have the choice of three of the nation's most outstanding trainers in Tony Vasil and Robert Smerdon in Victoria with Simon Miller in Western Australia.

You have the choice of where your horse is trained, Caulfield or Ballarat in Victoria or Ascot in Perth.

You have the choice of swapping trainers, and locations as you please.

You have the choice of how you get your monthly accounts, an all in one account for the managing owner or individual accounts for each owner.

Our trainers are successful because they spend all their time doing what they do best, preparing horses to win races. By winning races they give you the excitement that only a winner can experience.

The trainers achieve this because we support them with a team of professionals whose job it is to remove the worry about issues such as administration, transport, equine care, agistment and marketing.

The results speak for themselves, each Aquanita trainer is more successful on the track today than before they joined the group

It is a recipe for success that is unique in Australian racing, and one that has seen us consistently in the top three or four most successful training operations in the country as judged by the number of winners trained.

I hope our web site gives you a taste of what we are about, and inspires you to be part of racing a horse with the Aquanita team.

Peter Howell


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