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The thoroughbred horse racing industry is a huge part of the Australian economy and our way of life.

It is an industry that continues to grow in terms of its professionalism, expertise and the potential rewards it offers those fortunate enough to taste success on the track.

Racing continues to become more competitive as we all seek the fame and fortune that goes with winning "big races".

For us to succeed in this environment we need to be constantly searching for the point of difference that can split a photo finish in our favour. This extends from the processes used to select, prepare, race and care for your horse.

We have all experienced the challenges of managing these issues when we operated as sole proprietors. Not that they are any less challenging today but there are two aspects of being involved in Aquanita Racing that stand out to us as trainers. We clearly have more time to devote to training horses than we previously had, and we have access to a far broader, more modern range of training and communication systems than we could ever have afforded on our own.

Much has changed since we joined Aquanita. We have witnessed new stables, our own horse walkers, floats, farriers, veterinary surgeons with the latest diagnostic equipment and specialist properties to spell horses. Combined they provide us will the opportunity to compete at the highest level.

However it is not only providing horses with a training edge that matters. The needs of our owners continue to increase, more frequent and more informed advice is paramount. Keeping pace with these needs has been made a lot easier with the evolution of Aquanita's award winning web site and sophisticated owner communication system TONS.

There is no doubt that we are very fortunate to have made the decision to join such a professional and visionary company as Aquanita and the benefits it brings to us as trainers and you as owners.

If you are wondering who should train your next horse we'd be delighted to be given the opportunity.

Good racing.

Tony Vasil, Robert Smerdon and Simon Miller

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