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Under the guidance of Dr Kim McKellar and Dr Mike Tweedie in Victoria, and Dr Ellie Crispe in Western Australia, Aquanita horses receive unparalleled veterinary care.

Aquanita was the first racing stable in Australia to establish its own veterinary clinic when we opened our doors in Victoria in 2000.

Our motivation for doing so was simple

•  Provide an equine service that is immediate and consistent
•  Monitor veterinary treatments in order to detect trends and through detailed investigation develop a preventative approach to treatments rather than a corrective one
•  Introduce the latest veterinary practices and equipment so our horses get an edge both in term of their racing longevity and their racetrack results
•  Price it at a level below the market rate that would be charged if we relied on commercial veterinarians to provide the service

The Victorian practice now has some of the most advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment available. This includes portable endoscope and gastroscope facilities, digital x-rays, ultrasounds and equipment for early detection of stomach complaints.

Most recently we have added a digital x ray facility that provides on the spot images of affected areas and allows us to investigate potential problem areas immediately our trainers suspect something is wrong. This minimises the risk of long term injury to joints in particular.

We were also the first Victorian clinic to purchase IRAP technology. IRAP is the latest method of treating inflammation and joint problems in horses, in a manner that is not de-generative to the horses joint, therefore prolonging its overall soundness.

To service the needs of horses at Caulfield our contract veterinarians are on site seven days a week. No waiting for a commercial practice to get to us when time permits, Mike Tweedie and Kim McKellar work hand in hand with our trainers on a daily basis.

In Perth, we contract with Dr Ellie Crispe to provide daily care of horses in work.

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